Saudi Arabia: At least 8 young men face imminent execution as court upholds sentences

Saudi media outlets and human rights organizations said that at least 8 young men are facing danger of imminent execution after the Court of Appeal had upheld the sentences against them.

The organizations and media outlets mentioned that, ” The Saudi regime continues its bloodthirsty campaign against innocent civilians, the last of which is the execution ruling against the young prisoner of conscience, Jawad Qurairis and 8 others who are facing imminent execution.”

They pointed out that, “Qurairis, 1997, was arrested in July 2017, and he was forced into confessions he had never committed.”

The organizations noted that, “Qurairis’s family was arrested for a period of time and his elder brother, Ali Qurairis, was killed by security forces in the 2011 protest.”

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