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ISIS threat ‘remains high,’ UN chief warns

The United Nations has reiterated warnings over the threat of terrorist organization in Iraq and Syria, while pointing to the criminal organization’s use of modern technologies such as the Internet, video games and drones in launching their terrorist operations.

Two United Nations officials warned of the increasing “complex, evolving and permanent” threats that the terrorist organization of ISIS still poses in Iraq and Syria, all the way to Africa.

While they stressed a “multi-pronged” approach to dealing with this danger, they stressed that the failure to return more than 65,000 members of the organization provides continuous opportunities for recruitment and facilitation of “extremism, violence and terrorism.”

Under-Secretary-General Vladimir Voronkov, in charge of combating terrorism at the United Nations, said in a report laid before the Security Council: The threat posed by ISIS extremists is still high and has increased in and around conflict areas, and that the spread of the organization is of particular concern in the regions of central and southern Africa and the African Sahel region.

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