Without request of Public Prosecution, judiciary in Saudi Arabia issues death sentences against two men from Shia-majority Awamiya

The Specialized Criminal Court in Saudi Arabia issued a death sentence against Ali Muhammad Al-Rabee and Ali Hassan Al-Safwani, despite the fact that the Public Prosecution demanded sentences no more than twenty years in prison.

Ali Al-Rabee (1975), a young man from the town of Al-Awamiya, was arrested on February 7, 2021, during an armed storming of his house without any arrest warrant.

According to information, the arrest of Al Rabee, and the raids on the homes of his family members, are part of reprisals against them because of the activity of his wanted brother, Mounir.

In addition to Ali, Moroccan forces had earlier arrested his brother Hassan at the request of Saudi Arabia, during his to travel in January 2023. Saudi Arabia had executed Ali’s former cousins.

Ali Al-Rabee remained in solitary confinement for 3 months, during which he was prevented from communicating with his family. During this period, he was investigated.

He was severely tortured and abused, and was forced to write and sign confessions, and when he refused, he was returned to solitary confinement, which prompted him to sign, according to press sources.

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