Canadian Muslim organization succeeds in serving a large number of people with special needs

The Deen Organization (DEEN) in the Canadian city of Toronto, which is run by Muslims with special needs, succeeded in rehabilitating many of this segment, which was not limited to Muslims only, but also provided services to a number of Christians and adherents of other religions.

According to what was published by Religion News Service, “Rabih Khader, CEO of Deen Organization, was able to give hope to many disabled Muslims and non-Muslims.”

It added, “The Organization was keen to support this segment strongly, and considers it not just a legal or humanitarian duty, but rather a spiritual and religious duty.”

As part of its mission, DEEN organization defends the disabled and ensures that they can reach mosques easily and learn religious aspects. Its services include a translation of sign language, presenting the Noble Quran in Braille or audio technologies, as well as preparing the floor of the mosque for the blind in order for them to know their way to perform prayers.”

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