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Pakistan to run out of medicines in coming weeks as pharma sector seeks ’emergency corrective measures’

Pakistan, which has been reeling under severe economic crisis, is now heading towards acute shortage of life-saving medicines. The warning has been sounded by Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA), which has warned the situation to worsen if Letters of Credit (LCs) are not opened by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) within a fortnight.

The country is battling a crisis situation in major key sectors including economy, energy and food owing to the short-sighted policy decisions of the government. PPMA’s Syed Farooq Bukhari on Wednesday warned that the nationwide medicine shortage crisis in Pakistan will worsen in coming time as pharmaceutical companies are running out of raw materials for the production of medicines, ARY News reported.

The association has appealed to the Pakistani government to look forward to adopting emergency fiscal measures so that import of the raw material used in the production of medicines and essential medical equipment can be resumed immediately for treatment of patients, including those who require life-saving interventions, Dawn reported.

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