Indian artist draws inspiration from Husseini rituals for his international paintings

The Indian director, poet and artist, Muzaffar Ali, confirmed that the eternal event of Karbala still inspires all creators and artists from around the world, expressing his happiness that his paintings are full of special works about this great incident.

According to the Business Standard newspaper, and followed by Shia Waves News Agency, Ali opened an art exhibition that included the most famous paintings that he drew over a period of 50 years, including his famous painting (Divine Secrets) that deals with the incident of Karbala and the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him).”

The newspaper pointed out that “the exhibition was held in the large heritage building in New Delhi, which is one of the prominent cultural centers in India.”

Ali said in a statement to the newspaper, “The exhibition includes around 100 artworks divided into 11 sections, including plastic paintings, collage art, and artistic installations, in addition to precious pieces that were collected from around the world.”

As for the incident of Ashura and the land of Karbala and its impact on his art, he stressed that this painful incident inspired him from childhood, when he was watching the mourning ceremonies that are held in the holy month of Muharram.

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