USA: Shia student harassed for mentioning the massacre of Palestinians and Uyghurs

A Shia student of Pakistani descent, at Whitley School in Long Island, USA, was harassed and insulted during her high school graduation speech.
The 17-year-old student, Hoda Ayaz, gave a speech during the high school graduation ceremony for the graduating students. In it, she reminded those present of the genocide that the Palestinians and the Muslim Uyghur minority are subjected to.
In her speech, Ayaz said, “We must always educate ourselves and not remain silent in the face of what is happening to Muslim families of genocide, in occupied Palestine and the Chinese province of Xinjiang.”
She added that “Palestinian and Uyghur families are subjected to genocide and human lives are lost, but it is being ignored.”
Because of this speech, Ayaz was harassed by the families present at the graduation party, as most of them scolded and insulted her, and demanded that she return to her motherland (Pakistan).
The student said in a press statement, followed by Shia Waves, that she could not reach her parents after giving her graduation speech, as many men threw plastic bottles at her and cursed her.”
She added, “All this happened because I only mentioned the tragedy of the Palestinians and the Uyghurs and the genocide they are subjected to amid international silence.”

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