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Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Al-Sistani receives delegation of the Council of Shia Scholars in Afghanistan

Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Al-Sistani received the delegation of the Council of Shia Scholars in Afghanistan, where the head of the delegation submitted to the religious authority a report on the current situation in the country and the activities of the Council.

The Grand Ayatollah expressed his deep regret over what the Afghan people have suffered from over the past decades, referring to the atrocities to which all people, especially women, are subjected.

The religious authority stressed that Muslims should not leave the Afghan people alone in such circumstances and spare no effort to reduce their suffering.

He referred to the necessity of preserving unity, national solidarity, cohesion, and taking into account peaceful coexistence with all nationalities and groups, stressing the need to avoid violence in dealing with the current rulers.

The religious authority also stressed that the Council should do everything in its power to fulfill the rights of the Afghan people.

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