Taliban abusing humanitarian aid in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is receiving billions of dollars as humanitarian aid from across the globe. Is it being distributed to the needy at the grassroots level? No one is sure about the distribution system as complaints continue to pour in about locals suffering from displacement, malnourishment and hunger.

Amrullah Saleh, acting President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Resistance, in his tweet, said, “On Jan 3rd and 4th, Taliban is going to receive $80,000,000 consolidation funds in the name of humanitarian aid. It is less than a week after women were removed from all types of work and education.”

Millions of dollars are flown into Kabul every week in the name of ‘humanitarian aid’ by the United Nations, and other international organizations for distribution across the country as humanitarian catastrophe grips tighter in winter months.

In its article, Foreign Policy magazine quoted sources inside and outside the country that “much of the money never reaches those who need it.”

Instead, they say, “unknown quantities are stolen by the Taliban and diverted to their causes.”

Foreign Policy further says that the authorities are misusing foreign aid. “Some sources in the security and charity sectors say the Taliban use the informal money transfer system to benefit from a global shortage of dollars.”

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