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University professor: Evidence shows that officials in Pakistan do not want to arrest perpetrators of crimes against Shias

The Professor of the Center for Studies of Culture and Islamic Thought, Sheikh Muhammad Malikzadeh, stressed that the evidence shows that security officials in Pakistan do not want to arrest those behind committing crimes against Shias.
In a special statement, Malikzadeh said that when talking about terrorist activities targeting Shias in Islamic countries, massacres and killings against them in Pakistan began in a systematic and organized manner, since 1989, as a result of the spread of terrorism.
He added that terrorist attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan have expanded in recent years, stressing that the Shias do not feel safe, as they are the most vulnerable sects to injustice.
He continued, “This matter doubles the responsibility of Islamic countries towards these practices, as they must exert pressure on the Pakistani government, to prevent the occurrence of these terrorist acts.”

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