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Save the Children: 4.3 million Yemeni children in risk of famine

The international organization “Save the Children”, has warned that about 4.3 million children in Yemen will lose all humanitarian aid during next March, with the decline in donor pledges, which threatens to stop providing life-saving aid to millions in Yemen, which is witnessing a bloody war since seven years.
“It is likely that about 4.3 million children in Yemen will lose all humanitarian aid in March, according to United Nations data,” the organization said in a tweet.
The organization stressed that children are paying the “biggest price” in the war on Yemen, and they urgently need help to survive through 2022.
The organization says that a child dies every ten minutes in Yemen from preventable diseases, such as diarrhoea, malnutrition and respiratory infections, and about 15.4 million people lack access to clean water and sanitation.
The specter of famine also haunts millions of Yemenis after the Saudi war that undermined the Yemeni economy, according to reports by international aid organizations and United Nations organizations.
The United Nations warned in early February that humanitarian aid would be cut off for millions of people across Yemen, starting next month, in the biggest cut in its humanitarian aid in this country since the outbreak of the war.

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