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Al-Askariyain Holy Shrine: More than 250 service tents to serve pilgrims on martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali al-Hadi, peace be upon him

The Processions Authority at the Al-Askariyain Holy Shrine announced its readiness to receive service tents and mourning processions coming from various Iraqi provinces to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Imam al-Hadi, peace be upon him, on the third of Rajab.
The Authority official, Ali Hussein, said, “The Processions Authority at the Al-Askariyain Holy Shrine has prepared a work plan that includes receiving and setting up more than 250 service tents along the roads leading to the Holy Shrine, according to the authority’s management and coordination, in addition to receiving mourning processions.”
Ali added, that the service processions, in coordination with the departments of the Holy Shrine, prepared their needs in terms of preparing the places for the processions to be installed, providing them with electricity, and providing all needs that ensure their work runs smoothly throughout the pilgrimage period.

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