Report reveals French restrictions on Muslim players in performing prayers

A program broadcast by the French channel RMC raised the issue of the position of Muslims inside the changing rooms of the football stadiums in the French national team.
The program talked about “chasing the prayer rug” in the locker rooms, and unfortunate acts aimed at excluding Muslim players.
The former football player, Jacques Fati, who was a guest on the program, confirmed that when he was part of the French junior team, he and his colleagues left to pray, and when the prayer ended, a player came and said to him: “Be careful, so-and-so saw you and went to report you.”
The player added that after that, “there are one or two players who were not seen again,” stressing that he does not know whether prayer was the reason for their disappearance, but the fact is that many of the players who were praying with Jacques Fati that day have not appeared since then.
Another player said, “In Clairefontaine, which is a training center and gathering of the French national team players, there was a chase for prayer rugs.”
The policy of promoting diversity in France is increasingly colliding with the rejection of Islam in the social field, in addition to the sports and cultural fields.

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