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Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service: 350 ISIS terrorists killed and arrested during 2021

The spokesman for the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service, Sabah al-Numan, revealed the results of the recent operations carried out by the CTS against the remnants of ISIS terrorist organization.
Al-Numan said in statements, “The outcome of the operations carried out by the force this year have amounted to more than 300 operations, during which 100 terrorists were killed and more than 250 others were arrested, in addition to the destruction of hideouts belonging to the organization.”
He pointed out that these operations “contributed to strengthening the security situation, encircling the remnants of the terrorist organization, and aborting the attempts the terrorists had intended to carry out to target cities, especially the areas in which the organization was hiding.”
He added that the CTS is working based on intelligence information “in preparation for converting it into an information plan and then carrying out a preemptive operation against the remnants of the terrorist organization.”

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