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Former Afghan parliamentarian: Taliban’s disregard for the rights of Shias has negative repercussions on the country’s future

Former Afghan parliament member Nasrallah Sadeghi stressed that the Taliban government’s disregard for the rights of the Shia community has negative repercussions on the country’s future.
In a press interview, Sadeghi said, “I believe that ignoring a large segment of Afghan society, ie the Shias, by the Taliban government, has negative repercussions on the future of the country.”
He added, that the Shias in Afghanistan have always been patriotic and characterized by honesty, commitment and perseverance, and throughout the past two decades when conditions were available for their development, they have done great works in order to develop their country. I see that the Taliban are going on the wrong path, thus exposing the country to dangers, and depriving the country of the participation of an influential section of society.
Sadeghi pointed out that the legalization of governance and order depends on obtaining popular support and recognition, and the Shias constitute a large part of the society.

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