The escalation of hatred against Muslims pushed him to nominate, a Muslim in the French presidential elections

The head of the Democratic Union of French Muslims, Najib Azraqi, announced his candidacy for the French presidency a few months before the elections next April.
Azraqi attributed his decision to the continuous escalation of hatred towards part of the French Muslim citizens, and considered that the election campaign of Eric Zemmour – the potential anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant candidate – is based on the slogan of division and hatred.
“Zemmour’s statements, which are known to cause controversy, contribute to creating a harmful atmosphere for living together in our country,” according to a statement by the party, which describes itself as a secular leftist hostile to imperialism and colonialism.
The party considered that the only solution is to nominate Azraqi to deliver the voice of the oppressed, French Muslims and all citizens who are frustrated with this corrupt political system, and the statement continued, “While we live in a sick republic that is sinking relentlessly into a dire state.”
The head of the Democratic Union of Muslims in France cited his description of the explosion of poverty and the undermining of basic freedoms for French citizens, in reference to the imposition of the health passport and the precautionary measures that the French came out to protest against.
The candidate for the presidency of France published a video clip in which he said that “the solution is to end all injustice to which Muslims are subjected, at a time when some are deliberately igniting the fire of a new religious war and classifying Muslims as an enemy inside.”

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