Germany: Interfaith meeting of representatives of religions to promote dialogue

Representatives of different religions gathered in the German city of Heilbronn for the biannual interfaith event “The Role of Religious Communities in Society”.
15 members from various religions and religious denominations attended including Protestant, Catholic, Islamic, Jewish and other denominations.
“The trend towards religion has declined among young people in Germany and young people are not interested in religious issues,” said Frantis Brandl, executive director of the German Interfaith Representatives Meeting.
During his speech at the meeting, a member of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, Ahmed Aymer, referred to the problems of Muslims in German society, saying, “Achieving the ideal situation requires a lot of effort, but I believe that interfaith dialogue can help improve the situation.”
The religious meeting is held twice a year with the aim of promoting interfaith dialogue.
It should be noted that the meeting of representatives of religions in German society was canceled last year due to Covid.

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