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The United Nations: The conflict, poverty and drought that Afghanistan is going through is a result of the US invasion of the country

A report by the United Nations migration website confirmed that the conflict, extreme poverty and severe drought in Afghanistan is a result of the two-decade US invasion of the country.
The report stated, “The number of internally displaced persons as a result of the repercussions of the US invasion and withdrawal has reached more than five and a half million, 670,000 of which were forced to leave their homes and 60 percent of them are children.”
It added, “The International Organization for Migration is in a race with time, according to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, in order to help people prepare for the harsh winter season in the country.”
The report continued, “More than half of the population struggle to eat, and malnutrition has reached tragic levels, especially for many children, while more than 80 percent of people surveyed by the organization say they have lost their jobs, as millions live in unauthorized shelters with limited access to basic services, including sanitation and health care.”
The IOM report called for more to be done to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe that could reverberate across regions and generations after the US invasion left more than 47,000 civilians dead.

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