Muslims win office for the first time in US local elections

A number of Muslim candidates in the US emerged victorious from the polls in local elections that took place in several cities and states.
According to the preliminary results of the elections, for the first time, an Arab-American Muslim candidate won the mayor of Dearborn, Michigan, the majority of whose residents are of Arab-Muslim origin.
Abdullah Hammoud, 30, of Lebanese origin from the Democratic Party, won the mayor of Dearborn, becoming the first person of Arab origin to hold the position of mayor of Dearborn, beating his Republican opponent, Gary Ronshak, 65, by 10 points.
In Michigan, too, the 42-year-old Arab-Muslim candidate of Yemeni origin, Amer Ghalib, won the mayor of Hamtrac, defeating his opponent, who served as mayor for 16 years.
In New York, a Muslim American candidate of Bengali origin was able to enter the New York City Council for the first time.
Shahana Hanif entered the New York City Council as the first Muslim member in New York history.

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