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Afghanistan: Taliban Forcibly Evict Minority Shia

Human Rights Watch confirmed that officials of the Taliban terrorist movement in several provinces in Afghanistan forcibly evicted Shia citizens to distribute land to their own supporters.
According to the organization, many Shia Hazara families and former government employees were forced from their homes.
“The Taliban are forcibly evicting Hazara and others on the basis of their ethnic or political affiliation in order to distribute their homes to their supporters,” said Patricia Gossman, director of the organization’s Asia division.
She added, ” These evictions, carried out with threats of force and without any legal process, are serious abuses that amount to collective punishment.”
According to Human Rights Watch, the Taliban evicted hundreds of families from Helmand, Balkh, Daykundi, Uruzgan, and Kandahar provinces earlier this month, often within just three days after warning.

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