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The Saudi authorities issue an ultimatum to remove the relics of the Shia martyrs in the Awamiya cemetery

Saudi press sources confirmed that the Kingdom’s authorities are continuing their religious persecution against Shias in the Kingdom.
The sources said in a statement, that the authorities had recently issued a warning to residents to remove the relics of the martyrs in al-Awamiya Cemetery, the town of the martyr Sheikh Nimr Baqir Al-Nimr, for fear that this cemetery would turn into a shrine for people from all sides.
It added, that the Saudi regime deliberately removed the traces of the martyrs who were shot dead by government forces when they demanded their living rights within a period not exceeding a week, by calling on the Awamiya Association to remove bricks, Qur’an recitation devices and flags from the graves.
The Saudi authorities argued that, in cooperation with the authorities supervising the cemeteries, and the concerned state departments, they are striving to organize the cemetery in accordance with legal standards.

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