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UN has ‘credible reports’ of summary executions of civilians by Taliban terrorists

The United Nations has received “harrowing and credible reports” of human rights abuses by the Taliban in Afghanistan, including the summary execution of civilians.
Speaking on Tuesday, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said the reports of humanitarian and human rights abuses include “summary executions of civilians and combat members of the Afghan national security forces”.
She said the UN had a “fundamental red line”, which was the Taliban’s treatment of women and girls.
With the Taliban back in control of Afghanistan after 20 years, many in the country and around the world fear a return to the brutal Islamic law of the past, where women and girls suffered from a lack of basic human rights.
Taliban leaders have attempted to portray an image of moderation in interviews and statements after taking over the capital Kabul, following a swift and sweeping victory throughout the country as US and NATO forces departed.
Bachelet called on UN member states to create a dedicated body to monitor human rights in Afghanistan.

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