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Saudi Arabia announces the return of Umrah for pilgrims from abroad, starting from August 10

Saudi Arabia announced the return of Umrah for pilgrims from outside the Kingdom, starting from the first day of Muharram, corresponding to August 10.
A member of the National Committee for Hajj and Umrah, Hani Ali, said in a statement that 500 Umrah companies and foundations are preparing to receive pilgrims from abroad to perform the holy ritual and pray at the Grand Mosque, starting from the first day of Muharram, according to the health standards and protocols for the safety of pilgrims.
He added in press statements, “there are more than 6000 Umrah agents around the world and about 30 websites and platforms for global reservations are available for booking,” indicating that all electronic services and packages offered are approved by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.
Ali added, “Through electronic platforms, the pilgrim can purchase the entire program including air tickets, transportation, hotels and catering, and select a company or Umrah foundations to provide services.”
The Under-Secretary-General for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque, Saad bin Muhammad Al-Muhaimid, confirmed yesterday to the Saudi Press Agency that the Grand Mosque is ready to receive pilgrims, Saudi worshipers and residents, starting from Sunday, Dhul-Hijjah 15, via booking from the “Etamarna” application.

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