Canadian man attacks two Muslims and threatens to kill them

A Canadian man attacked a Muslim woman and her daughter yesterday and threatened to kill them in Hamilton, Ontario.
According to a statement issued by the city police, a car started heading towards the veiled mother and daughter as they were walking in a parking garage in the Ancaster Meadowlands area and the driver began verbally assaulting them with anti-Muslim insults as well as threatening them.
As a result, the 62-year-old mother and her 26-year-old daughter ran to the other side of the street and took shelter behind trees, according to the police statement, which said that the man searched for them and when he found them he threatened to kill them.
The police arrested the assailant, aged 40, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the attack, tweeting, “I am deeply disturbed by reports of an anti-Islamic attack on Muslim women in Hamilton yesterday.”
He added, “I strongly condemn this violent and abhorrent behavior. Hate has no place in our country or in any of our societies. We will continue to stand together and take action.”

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