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Dozens of civilians killed and wounded in clashes between Taliban terrorists and Afghan forces

The recent battles between the Afghan government forces and Taliban terrorists in Badghis province in the northwest of the country resulted in the killing of 4 civilians and the wounding of more than 70 others.
According to medical sources, 77 civilians were wounded in the past three days in clashes between government forces and the Taliban in the state capital.
The Afghan army began an operation to liberate the city of Kalai Nau, the capital of Badghis province, from the terrorists.
Earlier, the movement’s militants stormed a prison in the city and released all the prisoners, and then street fighting broke out in the city.
The pace of violence has increased in recent days in Afghanistan, as the confrontations spread to a number of areas, and the Taliban terrorists were able to control large areas and border points with neighboring countries, and launched an attack on large cities

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