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Shia Rights Watch Organization: Taliban terrorists are committing massacres in Shia cities in Afghanistan

The International Shia Rights Watch Organization has expressed its deep pain over the massacres committed against Shia citizens by the terrorist Taliban movement in Afghanistan.
A statement by the organization, received by Shia Waves, stated, “The news from that country confirms the inability of the security authorities to stop terrorist attacks and crimes committed by the Taliban against Shias, especially after the terrorist organization managed to invade Shia villages and cities, which resulted in killing, wounding and displacement of thousands of innocent people.”
The organization held the UN Security Council and the International Organization of the United Nations with legal and moral responsibility in the event of their failure to perform their supposed role, warning of the repercussions of what is happening on the countries of the region and the world, and calling on the international community to provide possible assistance to stop the ongoing terrorist crimes against defenseless civilians.

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