Exhibition on the cultural, artistic and social achievements of Muslims in the US state of Michigan

The University of Michigan is organizing an exhibition on the cultural, artistic and social achievements of Muslims in the state, in order to introduce non-Muslims to the lesser known aspects of Muslims’ lives.
The exhibition, entitled “Halal Metropolis”, aims to honor the achievements of the Muslim community in Detroit as one of the largest and most diverse Muslim communities in the United States of America, and will continue until July 17.
The initiative is the result of a collaboration between Osman Khan, assistant professor at the Stamps School of Art and Design; photographer and master’s student, Razi Jafari, and associate professor and director of the Center for Arab American Studies in Dearborn, Sally Howell.
“This is part of a series of exhibitions we’ve held in recent years that focus on the fascinating but hidden aspects of Michigan’s Muslim population,” said Khan, who is attending the exhibition.
Also in 2003, a study conducted by the Institute of Social Research at the University of Michigan on Arab Americans in Detroit showed that 58 percent of the population of this city are Christians and 42 percent are Muslims.
It should be noted that the Dearborn Mosque in the US state of Michigan is one of the largest in North America, with a history of about 100 years.

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