430% Spike in Islamophobia in UK

Reports of anti-Muslim and Islamophobic hatred in the UK skyrocketed by 430% on May 8-17 compared to the previous week.
Thirteen reports related to Islamophobic attacks on May 1-7 increased to 56 the following week, according to a statement by Tell Mama UK, which said the incidents were “clearly affected by what takes place in Israel and Palestine.”
“Following the spike, we have and continue to observe a concerning number of reports regarding examples of racist bullying amongst students. And in some cases, worrying and wholly unacceptable comments from staff and management in some schools towards students,” said the group.
Citing the country’s 2010 Equality Act, the statement underlined that “public bodies including schools must have due regard to eliminate discrimination, advance equality between those who share a protected character and those who do not and must endeavor to foster positive and good relations between such groups.”
It urged full investigations on such incidents “alongside meaningful community engagement, and training to ensure compliance with equalities legislation moving forward, to understand how harmful language does impact students and wider communities.”
“Teachers must also set an example by reminding students that bullying, racism, Islamophobia, and other forms of hatred will not be tolerated.”

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