Moroccan Shias prevented from practicing their religion due to government restrictions and extremist groups

The English-language website ‘Ya Biladi’ reported that Shia Muslims in Morocco still face challenges and restrictions that prevent them from practicing their freedom and religious beliefs, indicating that Moroccan Shias have resorted to secretly conducting their religious rituals, for fear of being oppressed by extremists.
The site said in a press report, followed by Shia Waves, “Although some perceive a positive change in religious freedoms in Morocco, Shia Muslims still face challenges and restrictions imposed on them because of their religious belief.”
According to a source, who preferred to remain anonymous, “Shia Muslims are subjected to harassment, persecution and constant surveillance to prevent them from performing their religious rites, while the authorities say that the purpose of this monitoring is to protect religious minorities.”
A number of representatives of religious minorities said, “Fear of social harassment, including family rejection, discrimination in employment and possible violence against them by extremists were the main reasons that led them to practice their religious rituals in secret.”
The report also quoted Shia clerics saying, “Many of them avoided revealing their religious affiliation in areas with fewer numbers.”
On the same side, the US State Department issued last week its report on international religious freedom for the year 2020, in which it referred to the Moroccan constitution’s recognition of Muslims (Sunnis) and Jews only, while the rights of Muslims (Shias) were absent.

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