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Misbah al-Hussein Foundation distributes of 6000 Ramadan food baskets in a number of Iraqi provinces

As part of its large humanitarian project to distribute 6000 Ramadan baskets, the Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation, peace be upon him, for Relief and Development in Karbala, announced the completion of the distribution of Ramadan baskets to the underprivileged in seven Iraqi provinces.
A statement of the Foundation, received by Shia Waves, stated that the Foundation, in cooperation with the British IHDRF Organization, has completed the distribution of the project of 6000 Ramadan food baskets in the various districts and suburbs of Karbala province, in addition to dozens of charitable and humanitarian institutions distributed in six Iraqi provinces.
It added that the great humanitarian project included thousands of poor and needy families and orphans to extend a helping hand and assistance to them and support them in facing the difficult conditions the country is going through as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and its economic effects.
In the conclusion of its statement, the Foundation affirmed that it is continuing its humanitarian and charitable projects, holding training courses to teach professions, marrying young people, caring for orphans, defending their rights, and striving to implement the “Iraqi Orphan Protection Charter”, which aims to legislate a law within the parliament and oblige the government to support the segment of orphans.

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