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Ahlulbayt followers preserve their traditions in reviving the Ramadan nights in Syria

Muslims in Syria are observing the great month of Ramadan by adhering to their usual customs and traditions, and by providing an atmosphere of worship and spirituality at the holy shrines.
Munir Mahdi, a Syrian citizen, said, “The holy month has a distinctive imprint in our lives from all sides. During the great month of Ramadan, Syrians go to the shrine of Lady Ruqayya, peace be upon her, to hold religious forums and Quranic sessions. “
Hussam Kaddah said, “Among the other customs that Syrians do during this month are going to the market and ensuring that the popular Damascene foods are available in its commercial markets and buying sweets that are distinguished by their quality and flavor, including Mabrouma, Nahsh, Maghshusha, and Hareesa.”

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