Illiterate Egyptian man writes the longest handwritten Quran in the world

An illiterate Egyptian man managed to write the longest handwritten Quran in the world after spending years of work and effort.
Saad Muhammad Hashish, from the western province, is an illiterate man who taught himself reading and writing, and the art of Arabic calligraphy and decoration, in order to fulfill his dream of writing the largest Holy Quran, hoping to be registered in the Guinness Book of Records.
After 40 years of his insistence on teaching himself, Saad recounts a journey that he struggled with knowledge, calligraphy and decoration, saying, “I left school in fifth grade to help my family at that time, and for years I hoped to learn how to read and write. I started educating myself, so I bought books, newspapers and magazines, and I spent years working hard and the only idea that dominated my dream is to do something great. “
The Egyptian man continued saying, “I began to learn Arabic calligraphy and decoration, and trying to write and experiment with my agenda and improve my pace, until I became proficient with my tools, and began to write large-sized Qurans that were one meter long and 70 centimeters wide. Then I had a plan to write the largest Quran in the world with a length of 1100 meters. I am very happy to have written the words of God.”
Saad concluded, ” For months, I stayed inside my house in order to finish my project, and I still have a lot of ideas, but what I lack is funding, which prompted me to make the decision to sell the Quran. Indeed, the holy book of God is neither sold nor bought, nor has a price. Rather, it is to help me write more copies of a larger size.”

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