Ahlulbayt Center in Madagascar celebrates the birth anniversary of Imam Mahdi, peace be upon him

The Ahlulbayt Center, affiliated with the Shirazi Religious Authority in the city of Majunga in the Republic of Madagascar, held a joyful celebration on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the savior of humanity, Imam Mahdi, may Allah hasten his reappearance.
The celebration was attended by many religious and social personalities and a group of followers of Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them.
The celebration included the recitation of religious poems, and chanting praises in honor of the Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them, in addition to answering the questions of the attendees, and giving them prizes.
The attendees renewed their pledge of allegiance to the Imam of Our Time, may Allah hasten his reappearance.

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