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A human rights organization accuses Emirati militias of serious violations in Yemen

The SAM Organization for Rights and Freedoms accused Emirati militias of adopting a policy of intimidation and enforced disappearance of civilians in the towns of Al-Hudaydah province, in western Yemen.
The organization said that the repeated arrests and summons by Emirati-backed militias, without judicial orders, reveal a dangerous trend based on a policy of intimidation and enforced disappearance, especially those opposed to those forces in the western coastal regions of the country.
It added that it had received a report from the sister of the 39-year-old detainee Fouad Zuhair from the district of Hays, south of Hodeidah province, confirming that he had been arrested on February 15th by individuals belonging to the so-called “7th Brigade.”
According to his sister, Zuhair was taken by forces without any arrest warrant or summoning, noting that he was placed in the Brigade Security Prison, before he was transferred to Abu Musa Al-Ash’ari camp, in the city of Al-Khawkhah.
According to the organization’s statement, Zuhair was previously arrested by this force on July 30 last year, as the victim’s sister spoke.
SAM, based in Geneva, confirmed that the repeated arbitrary arrests and detentions outside the law reflect a worrying trend among the Abu Dhabi-backed forces in adopting this behavior in order to intimidate the opponents.
“This behavior has pushed a lot to emigrate from their province, which will create dangerous repercussions on the social level and population distribution in Yemen.”
It also called on the military formations to stop those practices that violate Yemeni and international law, and to release all detainees who are in the prisons they oversee in the directorates.

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