Special event to introduce the Islamic veil in Ukraine on World Hijab Day

Muslim women in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, organized an event to introduce the Islamic veil on its International Day.
Information about the headscarf was provided to Ukrainian women, as they experimented with wearing the veil on the World Hijab Day, as part of the activities held in Kiev and several other Ukrainian cities.
The representative of the Union of Muslims of Ukraine, Tazila Issa, said that the Union has been organizing this event for several years, hoping to raise awareness of the Hijab.
“The aim of these activities is to break prejudices about Muslim women,” said Issa.
Yelena, a Ukrainian woman who tried wearing the veil during the event, described the celebration of the World Hijab Day as a special step forward, and pointed out that she had learned new things about Muslims.
World Hijab Day is celebrated on the first of February every year, as women of different religions from around the world try on the Islamic veil as an act of solidarity with Muslim women who are subjected to discrimination because of it.

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