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Kuwaiti authorities arrest preacher Mubarak Al-Bathali for inciting sectarian strife

Human rights activists reported the arrest of the Kuwaiti preacher, “Mubarak Al-Bathali,” for inciting sectarian strife.
The “Security and Courts” twitter account, said, “Al-Bathali was imprisoned in implementation of a previous sentence of 3 years for stirring up sectarian strife and splitting national unity.”
The ruling goes back to 2014, when the prosecution charged Al-Bathali with “publicly inciting hatred and contempt for a group of society groups, and stirring up sectarian strife, by posting tweets containing phrases and words that have hatred and contempt for the Shias in society.”
The Criminal Department of the High Court had acquitted Al-Bathali of the charge of insulting Saudi Arabia and the UAE, last December.

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