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The Ministry of Culture intends to establish the Grand Museum of Iraq

The Iraqi Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities is moving towards establishing the Grand Museum of Iraq, with large spaces and halls that accommodate the antiquities and treasures of Mesopotamia, while confirming that the proposed site is the former Muthanna Airport.
Laith Majid Hussein, an official at the ministry, said, “The ministry intends to obtain the necessary approvals from the competent authorities, to obtain a plot of land with a large area within the site of the former Muthanna Airport in Baghdad, in order to establish the Grand Museum of Iraq project,” indicating that “there is international support for this project.”
He added, “The museum will be a substitute for the National Museum, which was established in 1966 in the Alawi area in Baghdad, since it has become necessary for a museum to be in a fully secured area with a very large area and building.”
Hussein pointed out that there were “discussions with Zaha Hadid’s office to design this museum, after she offered to design this edifice and dedicate it to Iraq before her death.”

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