German parliament rejects proposal for the Left Party calling for the protection of Muslims

The German Federal Parliament rejected a proposal by the Left Party (69 out of 709 deputies) to lift discrimination against religious groups and strengthen the security of Muslim mosques.
According to press sources, the proposal bore the name “racism and discrimination against Muslims in Germany.”
The proposal was rejected by the Christian Union, the Social Democratic Party, the far-right Alternative for Germany and the Free Democratic Party.
The deputy of the German Left Party, Christine Anne Boeholz, indicated that every two days a mosque is attacked, saying, “Every day, the intensity of attacks on Muslims increases, and these developments are a dangerous indicator.”
In her speech in Parliament, the deputy touched upon the incidents that Muslims have been exposed to and the threats that imams of mosques receive in various parts of Germany.
The proposal made by the Left Party calls for lifting discrimination against religious groups, and strengthening mosque security.

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