Sweden: Metal Quran sculpture found inside a park in Malmö

A few residents of Malmo found a sculpture in the shape of the Holy Quran, which was found placed on a stone base in a park in the Swedish city of Malmo, on a low, sloping and square base with a side of half a meter.
According to Swedish websites, it was noted that part of the stone base, on which the Quran was placed, was lost in its place, in what is believed to be an attempt to sabotage the artwork, and the authorities of Malmo city stated that they did not grant permission for the artistic work of any individual or party on this site.
Tobias Nelson, an official in the city council, said, “Certainly someone has put it himself. We will have to investigate this next week and find out how to deal with it.”
Nelson continued, “It happens from time to time that artworks are placed in the city’s facilities, then we try to find out who did that and usually we remove those works.”

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