Human Rights Watch: Paris is making a fatal mistake in equating Islam with the threat of terrorism

Human Rights Watch criticized the way the French government responded to the “terrorist threat”, saying that the latter equates Islam in general with terrorist threats.
The organization’s executive director, Kenneth Roth, said during an interview with Agence France-Presse on the eve of the organization’s annual report, “We are very concerned about the way the French government has responded to the threat of terrorism, yes there are acts of violence, but it seems that the government equates Islam in general with terrorist threats, and this is a fatal mistake.”
Roth said, “France, despite its secular traditions, must find a way to respect the right of people to believe and express their faith, as long as this does not involve violence.”
He added, “If the government demonizes a believer and equates faith with violence, this matter will remove people from the state and push religions toward secret activities. In the end, this matter is extremely dangerous.”
Roth’s comments came as a comment on two bills in France, one of which is the proposal for a “comprehensive security” law, and a text on isolationism.

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