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Pope calls for ending war on Yemen

Pope Francis has denounced the events taking place in Yemen, calling for finding quick solutions in order to establish peace.
In his speech on the 54th International Day of Peace, he renewed his call to “find quick solutions to promote peace in Yemen.”
“Everyone thinks about the children of Yemen who cannot obtain food, and we pray together for them,” he said.
He added that the faces of the children of Syria, Iraq and Yemen who are paying the heavy price of the war should “shake the consciences.”
Pope Francis said, in a traditional sermon in Saint Peter’s Square in the Vatican, prior to his visit to the UAE to participate in the work of the World Conference “Human Fraternity:” The long war has brought the Yemeni people to a stage of extreme suffering.”
“The cry of these children and their parents rises to the Lord,” he added, calling on all believers to pray for the Yemeni brothers.
The Pope urged the parties to the Yemeni crisis and the international community to ensure the implementation of the agreements previously reached and the distribution of food among the population of Yemen quickly.

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