Britain praises the efforts of a charitable blood donation campaign

The United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) praised the efforts made by the “Imam Hussein Blood Donation Campaign” to save lives, following the teachings inspired by Imam Hussein ibn Ali, peace be upon him.
The department, which represents the highest British government health entity, said in an official statement on its website, “The establishment of the Imam Hussein Blood Donation Campaign was first in Manchester in 2006, and now, after 14 years, it has become the largest campaign by Muslims in the United Kingdom through its branches located in 25 British cities.”
The statement added, “The Foundation works in partnership with the Department of Blood and Organ Transplantation of the British Health Department, as its activity is highlighted by promoting the concept of blood donation within the organization’s members and society on a larger scale.”
The NHS concluded by confirming the success of the campaign since its launch in attracting 1000 blood donors in England, Scotland and Wales.

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