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The Organization for World Peace condemns Saudi Arabia’s bloody war on Yemen and expects Covid-19 to end it

The Organization for World Peace wondered about the possibility of Covid-19 ending the bloody war raging in Yemen, condemning at the same time the continuation of the war waged by the Saudi coalition and the brutal killing of unarmed civilians over a period of five years.
The organization said in a new report published on its official website, “The war raging in Yemen is one of the bloodiest conflicts of our time,” noting that “Saudi Arabia launched a prolonged campaign of economic secession and air strikes against Yemen through intelligence and logistical information from the United States of America.”
OWP indicating that “the brutal fighting has continued for five years and there is no end in sight,” adding that “Saudi Arabia is trying to get out of its war on Yemen and perhaps the pandemic will give it a chance to get out and save its reputation.”

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