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Imam Ali Holy Shrine inaugurates exhibition showcasing rare, precious manuscripts

As part of the activities of the 13th International Ghadir Week, the Imam Ali Holy Shrine inaugurated an exhibition showcasing rare and precious manuscripts from its blessed library at the Imran bin Shahin Mosque in the holy shrine.

Officials, religious scholars and general believers attended this event, expressing their admiration for the displayed cultural and heritage treasures.

The director of Imam Ali Library, Ammar Ma Sha Allah, told Shia Waves Agency that “the exhibition includes 12 handwritten copies of the Quran, some of which are written on parchment, including a Quran attributed to the Commander of the Faithful, Ali ibn Abi Talib, peace be upon him.”

Ma Sha Allah added that “the exhibition also features copies written by the world’s most skilled calligraphers, reflecting the magnificence of Islamic art and dedication to preserving religious texts.”

He continued: “The exhibition also contains 16 handwritten copies of books, including 14 known as ‘millennial copies,’ which are over a thousand years old. Among these treasures are a manuscript by Sheikh Al-Tusi and a manuscript by Ibn Kammuna, in addition to important scholarly permissions and endowment copies.

The exhibition aims to shed light on the valuable treasures preserved by Imam Ali Library and to introduce the public to the significance of these manuscripts and their role in disseminating knowledge and preserving Islamic heritage.

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