Freemuslim Association calls on International Community to respect refugee rights

On the World Refugee Day, the Freemuslim Association(an international anti-violence organization) issued a statement calling on the international community to intensify efforts to protect the rights of refugees.

The association’s appeal comes amid the ongoing recovery of the bodies of dozens of migrants who perished after their boat sank in the Mediterranean Sea off the southern coast of Europe.

The organization, in its message received by Shia Waves Agency, highlighted that this maritime disaster reflects the extent of the suffering faced by refugees fleeing harsh economic, security, and political conditions in their home countries, confirming that this tragedy is not an isolated incident but part of a series of calamities for which the international community, particularly major countries, bears some responsibility.

In its statement, the organization explained that migration has become the last resort for many people escaping their grim reality, despite the significant risks accompanying these perilous journeys, expressing regret over the withdrawal of some Western democratic countries from their humanitarian commitments that guarantee the rights of refugees and provide them with necessary protection.

The global organization urged democratic countries to respect international laws that guarantee refugee rights and to return to the commitments stipulated in international agreements, stressing the importance of providing support and assistance to people and countries suffering from economic and political crises, as well as addressing environmental challenges resulting from climate change.

It warned of the severe consequences of ignoring these humanitarian crises, calling on the international community to take responsibility and contribute to solving the problems driving individuals to forced migration, emphasized that neglecting these issues will lead to more suffering and deaths among refugees.

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