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Grand Marja: Al-Ghadir is not just a historical event but a culture of humanity

The Supreme Religious Authority, Grand Ayatollah Sadiq al-Husseini al-Shirazi, emphasized on Wednesday that the great day of Ghadir is not just a historical event or merely an incident, but rather a culture of humanity without which a person cannot truly be human.

Grand Ayatollah Shirazi stated that “Al-Ghadir is not just a historical story, nor is it just an event, even though it and Ashura are the two most important events in history. But Al-Ghadir is a culture of humanity.”

He explained that this great culture “was deliberately obscured by oppressive rulers to keep humanity trapped in oppression, persecution, and loss,” noting that “the culture of Ghadir can be understood through the biography of Imam Ali, peace be upon him, and his actions and words, which are a true extension of the Prophet of Islam, peace be upon him and his family.”

His Eminence pointed out that “the world today is not happy; it is filled with misery in every aspect due to the deliberate obscuring of the great culture of Ghadir and the overthrow of the teachings of the Noble Prophet, peace be upon him and his family, and his successor, Imam Ali, peace be upon him.”

He added that “in some countries there are certain freedoms more than in other countries, but they do not live in true happiness, nor does the person live comfortably, but rather remains constantly fearful of the future,” explaining that “such happiness, security, tranquility, and moral and human elevation can all be found united under the illustrious culture of Al-Ghadir.”

Grand Ayatollah Shirazi stressed the “necessity of promoting this authentic Muhammadan-Alawi culture so that all of humanity may enjoy divine blessings,” urging believers to “make efforts to revive this great occasion and to further highlight the greatness of Al-Ghadir and the Imam of justice and humanity, Imam Ali, peace be upon him.”

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