Over 17M people in Afghanistan need immediate humanitarian assistance, USAID warns

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has announced that 17.3 million people in Afghanistan require urgent humanitarian aid.

This announcement comes amidst a deteriorating economic situation in the country, exacerbated by the seizure of Afghan assets and American sanctions.

The report issued by the agency indicates that a total of 23.7 million Afghans are in need of humanitarian assistance.

The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is worsening with the deportation of Afghan refugees from Pakistan, as more than 610,000 Afghans have been deported in the past nine months, increasing the need for humanitarian aid.

Additionally, the report highlights that recent floods in Afghanistan have resulted in the deaths of 225 people, as relief organizations have managed to deliver various relief materials to 43,000 people in flood-affected areas and provide healthcare to more than 56,000 people.

USAID emphasized that the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan requires an urgent and coordinated response to meet the needs of millions of Afghans suffering from food shortages, lack of healthcare, and basic services.

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