New UN report reveals unprecedented level of repression against women under Taliban’s rule

The United Nations Women’s Commission announced in a report released yesterday, Monday, that women in Afghanistan continue to face unprecedented level of repression under Taliban rule.

The report, based on a comprehensive survey of women who have experienced gender-based discrimination since the Taliban took control of the country, reveals how decades of progress in gender equality have been erased in less than three years due to the issuance of more than 70 decrees by the Taliban that limit women’s rights and freedoms.

The study showed that social isolation has led to high levels of despair among Afghan women, with the report indicating that only 1% of women feel they have any influence in society, a grim reflection of the current situation.
Additionally, 18% of women surveyed reported that they had not met any women outside their families in the past three months, highlighting the extent of the isolation imposed by Taliban on women.

In a related context, the “Protesting Women” movement launched an ongoing campaign to combat what it called “gender apartheid,” urging the United Nations and human rights organizations to recognize these practices as a form of apartheid targeting Afghan women.

The movement emphasized that the Taliban has deprived women of their rights to education, work, and participation in public life, including recreational and sports activities, and has banned driving and women’s gatherings.

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