February 1st marks World Hijab Day

The World Hijab Day (WHD) was founded by New York native, Nazma Khan in February of 2013, celebrating the millions of Muslim women who wear the hijab around the world.

Observed in February 1st every year, the day is all about promoting the hijab, appreciating the hijan and urging women to experience a day with the hijab on.

Khan hopes the dedicated day to the hijab educates people and raises awareness about why many Muslim women have chosen to wear the hijab.

Hijabi women have faced high levels of hostility from a wide range of people, with hijab being synonymous with terms such as terrorist and oppression.

Many western countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark and France have also gone as far as attempting to completely ban the hijab.

Whilst in India many women are constantly attacked or refused the right to education to their hijab.

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