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Muslim Council of Britain condemns blocking of British Muslim woman from standing for parliament

The Muslim Council of Britain has urged the Labour Party to clarify the reason behind barring a British woman from standing for election due to her religious background and Islamic activism on social media.

British media, followed by Shia Waves Agency, reported that “British woman Faiza Shaheen has been banned from running in parliamentary elections in the Kingdom because of her religious affiliation and Islamic activism.”

The reports continued that “the ban was enforced after a complaint was filed by the Jewish Labour Movement,” indicating that “the Muslim Council of Britain condemned this complaint, asserting that it is a form of Islamophobia and racism directed against Muslims.”

The council stated: “It hopes the election campaign will respect all religious groups and minorities, and not deprive Muslims of their right to run for office and participate in political work in the United Kingdom.”

The council also considered the ban on Shaheen’s candidacy to be “a clear restriction on Muslims imposed by extremist groups opposed to Islam.”

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